Juke Joint Festival

Juke Joint Festival

Sunday, Apr 18, 2021 at 9:00am

Various Venues in Clarksdale

Clarksdale, Mississippi's epic 18th annual festival is dedicated to all of the late, great musicians and supporters who have passed away during the pandemic — including Big George Brock, Louis "Gearshifter" Youngblood, Ben Wiley Payton, Rev John Wilkins, Larry Grisham and Kern Pratt. RIP. Thanks for your past music and friendship at JJF.

Juke Joint Festival is "half blues festival, half small-town fair and all about the Delta." It celebrates our past and living history by presenting dozens of blues acts — including many Mississippi and Southern greats. This is the real-deal Mississippi blues festival that you've read about in the New York Times and seen on PBS NewsHour. It is like no other event in the world with blues music, juke joints, children's events, a live radio show, monkeys riding dogs, racing pigs and more.

10:00am: JJF Merchandise Sales - Juke Joint Festival Headquarters

Cat Head Mini Blues Fest - Free!
9:30am: Please mask up and social distance to enjoy our Free music
10:00am: Anthony 'Big A' Sherrod Trio
11:30am: The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
1:00pm: Lucious Spiller Blues Band
2:30pm: Terry 'Big T' Williams Trio with Miss Gladys
4:00pm: Sean 'Bad' Apple with Lady Trucker and Artemis

1:00am: Heather Crosse Band - ****** Grocer + Eatery
10:00am: Blues Breakfast Robert Kimbrough Sr - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
12:00pm: John Ford Sunday Service - Levon's Bar and Grill
12:00pm: Jam Hosted by Dicky James,Watermelon Slim - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
12:30pm: Robin Hathaway - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
1:00pm: 'Live' blues - Hambone Art and Music
1:00pm: David Lampert - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
1:30pm: Ghalia Volt - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
2:00pm: Rev. Robert - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
2:30pm: Mississippi Marshall - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
3:00pm: Iceman Indisippi - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
3:00pm: Conrad Olson and Friends - Cotton Boll Court (Hopson back courtyard)
3:30pm: Harp, Hart and Bones - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
4:00pm: Steve Kolbus and Mark Miller - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
4:30pm: LaLa Craig - Bluesberry Cafe Back Alley Bar
5:00pm: Lightnin' Malcolm - Shack Up Inn
7:00pm: bad Apple blues club, blues jam - Bad Apple Blues Club
11:00pm: Hill Country Jam hosted by Jesse Cotton Stone - Frank and Sarah's front porch at the Shack Up Inn

9:00am: Sunflower River Camping - Quapaw Canoe Company
10:00am: Delta Blues Museum