The 10 Best Mom & Pop Restaurants in Mississippi!

Nothing compares to the experience of eating in a family-owned restaurant. Family restaurants have a unique atmosphere, a kind of down-home comfort that a chain just can't replicate. Here are our favorite mom and pop restaurants in Mississippi. 

1. Bully's Restaurant, Jackson, MS

Bully's is the kind of place where the parking lot is full every day at lunch time, because Jackson residents know that this is the place to get quality home-cooking. The restaurant is still run by the original owner's son, Tyrone Bully, and his wife Greta. Pull up a chair and get some of Bully's soul food today!

2. Mr. Greek, Biloxi, MS

Like the best mom and pop restaurants, Mr. Greek is hidden away in an unassuming building. Located in a shopping center on Pass Road in Biloxi, Mr. Greek is known for delicious, authentic Greek food located in a casual cafe. Bright, cheerful murals of Greece adorn the walls, and the owners are friendly and professional. 

3. Leo's Cuban Kitchen, Hattiesburg, MS

Leo's Cuban Kitchen is the ultimate story of the American dream. Owners Leo and Carmen Dopico moved to the United States in 2007. Through hard work and dedication, they became U.S. citizens and opened their own restaurant. Just a great story isn't enough, though—it's the food that will keep you coming back for more!

4. Beatty Street Grocery, Jackson, MS

Beatty Street Grocery is located in an old building in Jackson, and they've been serving up great food ever since Mack and Irene Baldwin opened their doors 80 years ago. Today, the restaurant is run by Mary Harden, the granddaughter of the original owners. She passes down their legacy by ensuring that the food and service is as good as it's always been. 

5. Abe's Grill, Corinth, MS

Once you visit Abe's Grill in Corinth, you'll never forget the experience. The building, originally opened in 1974, is decorated with vintage signs, posters, and license plates. The biscuits are famous, the drinks are served in mason jars, and you absolutely have to try a burger and fries! It's usually crowded, so stop by early!

6. Rowdy's Family Restaurant, Vicksburg, MS

Rowdy's Family Restaurant has been serving Vicksburg since 1988, but their family has been running businesses in the area since 1917. Today, Rowdy's serves some of the best catfish you'll find in the state. And as a tribute to his family, Rowdy Nosser still serves Batter Fries with Johnny's Sauce, a local favorite for nearly 80 years. 

7. Abe's BBQ, Clarksdale, MS

Abe's BBQ was originally named Bungalow Inn and was opened in 1924. Although the business is in a different location and has a different name these days, they still follow the same principles Mr. Abe set in place. Once you eat here, you'll understand why these barbecue sandwiches have kept Abe's in business for all these years!

8. Fisher's Family Restaurant, Booneville, MS

Fisher's Family Restaurant is owned by Sandy Fisher, and they've been serving up perfectly grilled comfort food for nearly 30 years. Fisher's is a popular lunch spot for residents of the Booneville area, but they're also a great destination for a steak dinner. Be sure to order the hot fudge cake for dessert!

9. Binke's, Meridian, MS

Binke's is a cafeteria-style restaurant serving up delicious Southern cooking in Meridian. The restaurant is owned by Mrs. Martha Ann Alford, and is managed by her son James Derrico Alford, or "Binke.” With a slogan like "Food so Great, You'll Scrape Your Plate,” you're going to want to make a stop next time you're in Meridian.

10. Dale's, Southaven, MS

Dale's Restaurant is an institution in northern Mississippi. The restaurant was opened in 1966 by Dale & Lillie Graham, and it's still located in the original building. There are four dining rooms, each full of quaint decor that makes perfect sense when paired with a big glass of sweet tea, a basket of homemade rolls, and plenty of fresh veggies.

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