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Mississippi Industrial Heritage Museum

Mississippi Industrial Heritage Museum
1808 4th Street


The Mississippi Industrial Heritage Museum, located in the historic Soulé Steam Feed Works site, promotes the heritage, labor, and innovation that influenced and shaped our country's rise as an industrial and manufacturing pioneer.


A museum's vision is a guiding image of success formed in terms of its contribution to society. It is a description in words that expresses the institution's eventual destination. As a public institution the Mississippi Industrial Heritage Museum will:

- Encourage a deep interest in the story of American industry by interpreting Mississippi's industrial heritage within the context of our Nation's history;
- Actively develop a dynamic institution providing relevant, creative exhibitions and educational programs;
- Provide an enlightening, entertaining and fun experience in an environment where visitors of all ages feel like welcomed guests;
- Support lifelong learning and inspire new generations to chart their own paths of discovery;
- Serve as a complimentary resource to industrial and cultural sites, historical organizations and educational institutions;
- Preserve and interpret the Soule Steam Feed Works site, a Mississippi Landmark and a National Register property.

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